Carefully sourced ingredients and perfectly executed technique are the basis for exceptional dishes. At goosefoot®, the seasonally inspired menus change frequently and the cuisine, a blend of disciplined French technique with a passionate forward thinking modern vision, beautifully expresses the restaurant’s relationships with our small artisan farmers.

goosefoot® offers guests a multi-course chef’s table tasting menu providing a memorable and thoughtfully choreographed culinary experience.

goosefoot® multi-course menu

preserverd garlic/pine /rosemary/pea tendrils

portuguese tomato soup/grape leaf /cardamom oil

foie gras mousse/huckleberry/honeybush tea

oolong tea/mint/lime

lobster/tapioca pearls/lemongrass/citrus

sunflower root & crab chowder

maitake mushroom tortellini/mint/perigord truffle

angus beef/winter/meyer lemon/nasturtium

sheep’s milk cheese/concord grape/dragon fruit/pear

yuzu/mango/quince/olive oil

passion fruit/sorrel/coconut/kaffir lime

chocolate/caramelized banana/coffee/sea salt/hazelnut

 goosefoot® chocolate

menu subject to change based upon quality and availability

allergies or restrictions: for this chef’s table multi-course tasting menu we will not be able to accommodate substitutions, aversions, allergies or any food restrictions. Thank you for your understanding.